North Dwarf Records

EST. 2016 /// Lake Forest, CA

North Dwarf Records is a recording company and independent record label located in Lake Forest, CA. 

Tracking Room A

Tracking Room A is our largest room available for your tracking needs. The room has been acoustically treated with our ergonomic, transformable design allowing you to acoustically "shape" the room to any custom design. Record up to 24 channels (sent to our control room) or use this room standalone for your next writing, recording, or filming session. Feel free to use our isolation room and upright Yamaha piano which are both directly accessible from the room. 

Control Room

Our control room is located on the second floor of our facility. Everything in our studio is connected here through our patch bay (pictured above) then sent to a Behringer X-32 mixing console. Mix all of your projects through our Yamaha HS-8 monitoring system, subwoofer, and included out-board gear. For a full list of all out-board gear and available software and plugins please email us here

The Lounge

The Lounge is our creative work haven and dream break space. Located directly adjacent to the Control Room, our lounge is equipped to record 24 tracks, house all of your project planning needs, and spend your down-time in the same place. Not pictured here are all of our For a full list of available equipment and gear please email us here

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